What is Hydro Jetting? Hydro Jet

Hydro jetting, also known as water jetting or hydro-jetting, is a method of cleaning and unclogging pipes and sewer lines using high-pressure water. It’s a powerful and effective technique commonly used in plumbing and sewer maintenance to remove blockages, roots, grease, and other debris from pipes.

The process involves using a specialized machine that pressurizes water and directs it through a nozzle into the plumbing or sewer system. The high-pressure water stream is capable of breaking up and flushing away obstructions such as tree roots, scale, sediment, and grease that may be causing blockages or reducing the flow of water.

What type of pipes does TruFlow clean?

TruFlow uses advanced technology to efficiently clean drainage lines ranging from 1-1/2" to 10", ensuring optimal flow and preventing blockages with precision and expertise.

  • Catch basins

  • Underground Drainage

  • Driveway drains

  • Exterior drainage lines

  • French drains

  • Septic lines (house to tank)

  • Sewer lines (house to city main)

  • Storm drain lines

What type of blockages can TruFlow remove?

  • Grease and Oil Buildup

    Hydro jetting can break down and flush away accumulated grease and oil in pipes, preventing clogs.

  • Tree Roots

    High-pressure water can cut through and remove tree roots that have infiltrated sewer lines.

  • Hair and Soap Scum

    Hydro jetting is effective at dislodging hair and soap scum buildup in drains and pipes.

  • Mineral Deposits

    It can remove mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium, which can lead to reduced water flow in pipes.

  • Food Particles

    Hydro jetting can clear food particles and debris from kitchen drains and pipes.

  • Paper and Hygiene Products

    It can break down and flush away paper products, like toilet paper or sanitary napkins, which may cause blockages in sewer lines.

  • Sediment and Sludge

    Hydro jet cleaning is useful for clearing sediment and sludge buildup in sewer lines and pipes.

  • Scale and Corrosion

    It can remove scale and corrosion that can restrict water flow in pipes.

  • Foreign Objects

    Hydro jetting can dislodge and remove foreign objects that have become lodged in pipes, such as toys or small objects.

  • Ice Blockages

    In cold climates, hydro jetting can help melt and remove ice blockages from pipes.

  • Bacterial and Algae Growth

    Hydro jetting can eliminate bacterial or algae growth within pipes.

  • Concrete Residue

    It can remove concrete or construction debris that may have entered pipes during construction or repair work.

What is a Chain Snake?

A chain snake, also known as a drain snake or plumber’s snake, is a versatile and efficient plumbing tool designed to clear blockages and clogs in pipes and drains. It consists of a long, flexible metal cable with a coiled or hooked auger at one end. The auger, often made of interlocking metal links resembling a chain, is designed to break up and retrieve debris causing obstructions in plumbing systems.

High Speed Chain Snake

The chain snake works by being fed into the affected pipe or drain, and as it encounters a blockage, the auger is rotated to either break through or grab onto the obstruction. This allows the user to either pull the clog out or break it up into smaller pieces, restoring proper water flow. Chain snakes come in various lengths to accommodate different pipe depths and are available in manual and motorized versions.

This tool is commonly used to address common issues such as hair, grease, tree roots, and other debris that can accumulate in pipes over time. Its flexibility and adaptability make it an essential tool for tackling a range of plumbing challenges efficiently, making it a go-to solution for maintaining and restoring the functionality of drains and sewer lines.

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